The Joke is on Us

Posted on Mai 17, 2014

Excerpt from a recent conversation:

since Modi was president in Gujarat at the time the of Anti-Muslim pogroms, I must concede that our media hivemind’s cheap moralizing maybe isn’t completly cheap for once. His election must be relatively shocking to Indian Muslims. Hopefully Modi makes wise decisions.

The Muslims are trickling over the border from Pakistan and terrorizing the Indian population. That they eventually got wolloped is only surprising to Westerners, who are used to welcoming hostile invaders with open hands. The Hindus had driven them all out in the partition, so it’s not like they ever had the welcome mat out. They’ve been slaughtering each other in the Borderlands for about a century now, and the Modi incident is only notable because it was the first time such riots were televised live. In other words, it’s complicated up there, it’s crowded up there, low-tech wars are horrible and messy, and Westerners should keep their noses out of other people’s business. We’re not exactly paragons of virtue ourselves.

The Hindus have the same right to territorial integrity as everyone else, and it’s no wonder that they’ve armed themselves with nuclear weapons, what with the Western knee-jerk habit of always siding with Pakistan.
Where are their tears for the Christians being persecuted in Pakistan? You won’t find any, as the Western bleeding-hearts always enjoy a good crucifixion. And, yes, MUSLIMS ARE DOING CRUCIFIXIONS AGAIN, and nobody gives a fuck.

And now the hullaballu over teh poor Muzlimz in Africa, with even sending European troops to protect them !!! when those same Muslims have been steadily claiming one sub-saharan African region after another. Within a decade, the entire northern half of Africa will be Muslim, whether by hook or by crook. And the people who are living there get attacked by Westerners if they dare try to fight back.

(Here’s a tip for my Muslim readers: If you don’t want to get hacked to death with a machete, don’t go around hacking at other people with machetes because they might get ideas.)

These places are not peaceful lands where some non-Muslim goes bezerk for some unknown reason, these are non-Muslims fighting for their very existence against relentless Muslim hordes backed by NATO firepower and petrodollars. That Africa, India, Iran (which apparently has the „wrong“ type of Muslims), and etc. are now practically begging Russia and China for colonization and salvation speaks for itself. The Cold War is reigniting.

I agree with you that Muslims are only the footsoldiers of TPTB. But footsoldiers are the ones that actually do the killing, so I strongly disagree that they are harmless and pitiful. They just act that way on TV (after trying to „ethnically cleanse“ their newly-conquered territory of unbelievers and getting their ass kicked in retaliation), so that NATO has an excuse to send in the planes. Serbia, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, the Central African Republic, and now Syria and Nigeria.

The pattern is clear. They’re trying to take over the entire world, and we’re actively helping them do it. They are, in fact, actively compelled by their religion to always take over the government in whichever country they live in because their religion centers around the running of a government (sharia). It’s highly orthopraxic — like Judiasm (which it is partly derived from), but with lots of beheadings, sanctioned rape, and an insatiable thirst for territorial acquisition.

The only Muslim who can integrate into a non-sharia country (including secular dictatorships) is one who ignores the majority of their own religious teaching. Anyone who seriously studies the teachings and takes them to heart will be „radicalized“ because Islam is radical. This is inevitable because it is a religion for warriors. Most Westerners cannot understand this because they don’t take their own religious teachings seriously and project their indifference onto everyone else.

They see them coming, in their beards and burqas, and act like it’s some sort of joke. Well, I’m willing to stand up publicly and say, „I’m not laughing.“

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