Why the first post here is in English

Posted on April 2, 2014

I’ve decided to start this blog off with a mea culpa. This is going to be a German-language blog, but my German sucks.

Correction, my written German sucks. I can speak and read fluently, in German and in multiple southern dialects, but once I put it all down on paper you can cringe at my faulty declensions and giggle over my article errors. My German sucks so badly that I’m practicing dictation with 5th grade material and am proud that I only have ca. 19 errors per excerpt.

I had no idea how awful my German skills were until I started improving them. I’ve been raped and beaten by German grammar and left emotionally scarred for life.

So, my husband has suggested that I practice writing in German and I immediately remembered that I’d started this blog and then never posted anything for the shame of sounding like an ignorant foreigner in my own mother-tongue. How can I have a Germanic reactionary blog when I don’t even know that it’s das Schulzeugnis and die Tradition?

And then I realized: Who cares? It’s just a damned blog and I don’t even have any readers yet. Just go for it, baby! Live dangerously.

So, here I am. Living dangerously from the comfort of my living room. Daring to attempt to write in a language I love, but that I haven’t mastered. Practice makes perfect, after all.

I am not allowing comments or the inevitable grammatical corrections here, although I’ll let pingbacks through for the sake of conversation. I’m just going to write whatever, whenever I please, in the manner I think best, and that’ll just have to do.

I am very sorry and you are very welcome.

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